99acres.com urges consumers to get checklist right in new campaign

26 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


99acres.com has unveiled its new TV commercial, “Sab Dekh Lijiye, Phir Ghar Lijiye”. Designed with the objective to establish the concept of ‘first check everything before you settle in’, the new 30 seconds TVC speaks of the numerous options provided by the portal to help consumers find the right house to match their needs.


Conceptualised by JWT, the TVC opens with a contemporary husband-wife lying down comfortably on a sofa, and having a playful conversation about who they like. The husband asks his wife if she’s thinking about Kalyan. In a mesmerised tone answering yes, she asks “It’s Shobha that you’re thinking about right?” In complete awe of Shobha, he accepts that he finds Shobha lovely.


While they continue to talk mother-in-law is shown over-hearing their conversation while chopping vegetables in the backdrop. The wife then quickly adds that while she loves Kalyan but she can’t stop thinking about Mahesh and Amrit. The husband tells her that she should stop checking out everyone. In spur of the moment the wife decidedly answers that she loves Amrit, the husband too agrees and says he loves Amrit too. A shocked mother-in-law bangs her head into the table, while it is revealed that ‘Kalyan’, ‘Shobha’, ‘Mahesh’, and ‘Amrit’, are actually names of apartments and residential societies and the couple is actually deciding on a house from the various options available on 99acres.com. Meanwhile a voice over suggests the viewers to check-out all their options before settling down on the house of their choice.


Commenting on the campaign, Sumeet Singh, Senior Vice President- Marketing and Corporate Communications, Info Edge said, “With over 65,000 new listings posted every week on 99acres.com , the portal is able to cater to various needs of different types of consumers. We understand that buying a property is a big decision and to reach the best option, one has to go through or check-out many options. Through this campaign, we have used an entertaining plot to subtly inform our consumers to check all available options while looking for property and 99acres.com is a place where one can find maximum options.”


The idea, Sumitra Sengupta, Vice President, JWT Delhi, says, “Was born when we examined what one has to do to avoid missing out. You need to check options.”


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