What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Teen- Madan Sanglikar and Alok Sanwal

20 Oct,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Madan Sanglikar and Alok Sanwal


When digital will become a fundamental right!


By Madan Sanglikar


By 2020, one thing is for sure that, internet access will become as good as a fundamental right. Just like electricity and water supply, availability of internet will be a key differentiator between a developed and a developing village/ town/ city/ country. Election manifestos will include it and governments will be formed or will fall based on how they deal with internet and it’s free usage.


Almost all devices will be connected and we will experience ‘always -on’ digital environment. So all home appliances and enterprise solutions will be based and connected via Internet. It will be normal to turn on/off, say, the household microwave oven at home, remotely via message or tweet. Consumer devices will be more and more portable while heavy duty fixed devices will be used for corporate enterprise requirements. In short IP addresses will not be restricted to computers or communication devices only.



Communication is key in understanding the young TG


By Alok Sanwal


The youth of India, which falls in the age bracket of 18-35 years is the largest such segment in the country. For iNext, this segment especially in the tier 2 cities forms our core TG. This consumer segment is hungry for knowledge, is extremely opinionated and technology savvy. So how do we as a newspaper organisation cater to this segment? We, in fact, have divided this TG into two groups: 18-25 years and the other segment being 18-35 years. Those who are below 25 years of age are not yet fully accomplished in their careers or they have just started out.


They want to know more, experience different things, and even take chances in the quest of fulfilling their needs. The consumer segment between 25-35 years are mature in nature; there is an automatic sense of responsibility towards family or career. They have a fixed schedule and pretty much follow the same practice on a daily basis. So their reading patterns will be different. Both these groups are highly active on social networks.



The youth would want to or would already have defected from Facebook to a very niche/ cool younger social networking site/s. Handheld devices will continue to carry the social and financial graph of the individuals. Which means, that their social habits and purchase/ investments decisions would always be via mobile or tablet. Wearable computing devices will be a growing fad with specialised sectors like health/ medicine, using it more seriously.


Education sector will see over dependence on the use of Internet via fixed and handheld devices. Technology solutions like scanning codes, augmented reality; gesture control would be a common feature. Individual/ entrepreneur run business, SMEs, traders would have evolved in their usage of Internet with physical last mile connectivity in remote locations. We will hopefully also see the emergence of digitally silent zones with different countries/ cultures coming up with their own rules/ best practices of disconnecting from digital devices for important occasions.




We listen to their conversations, what are they really passionate about and engage them with interesting content on social media platforms. In fact we have a facebook page where we connect with them with tweets; also, our website has several social networking features. The communication is no more passive with our readers and has rather become more interactive. The idea is to communicate the positioning of the brand, which is to be an agenda setter in tier 2 cities of India.


We achieve this on an ongoing basis by focusing on issues such as governance, healthcare, education, drive social causes and effect changes that brings harmony and welfare. For our TG, we’re not just a newspaper; we give them warmth and freedom as a friend, philosopher and a mentor. We don’t believe in taking a puritan moral ground where we would have to sermonize our readers over issues. To preach to today’s youth is to underestimate their wisdom and understanding.


We interact with them in their own language and within the local value system. iNext’s smart, easy to imbibe ensemble and bilingual persona resonates with the sensibilities of today’s youth, especially in the mini metros. Here, they want to break free from the customary mindset and also long for the lifestyle of the upmarket, urban and educated social strata. However, at the same time, they want to retain traditional values too. iNext provides an ideal mix by deftly combining youth centric fixtures, contests and activations with newsworthy and relevant content. Also we interact a lot with our readers to create that special bond so as to build a relationship with them.



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