What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Men – Satbir Singh and Monica Tata

28 Oct,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Satbir Singh and Monica Tata.


Advertisers need to pay heed to the changing man


By Satbir Singh


While women and children are major influencers in the buying decision in many categories, most advertising is still aimed at men. Leave alone traditional men-oriented categories like automobiles, newer ones like skin whitening or lightening facewashes and the much abused deodorants are all over various media.


The laziest thought that many marketers and their agencies still work on when they’re targeting men is it’ll get you attention from the opposite sex. Cars have used it. Bikes do it. Deos are the most in-yourface with it. Suitings & shirtings have kept it at their core. However, society is changing. There’s a lot more equality between the sexes today (though we still have miles to go).




Multiple content consumption platforms to drive growth by 2020


By Monica Tata


By 2020, I see technology playing a huge role in the way consumers will consume content. Consumers will switch to HD television and technology enabled platforms. And that combined with the growth of ad-free channels, viewing experience for consumers will improve by leaps and bounds. I’m a true believer in specialised content and its growth in India as digitisation has opened up subscription revenues.


Advertising has always constituted a humungous share in revenue, but we’re slowly and gradually seeing distribution revenue for broadcasters in India increase. By 2020, I see a huge growth in subscription revenue and a lot of this growth will come from ad-free pay channels.


Men are no longer shy to come across as thoughtful and caring. They are delighted to be in the kitchen. With the kids. Men are socially and environmentally more aware and conscious. The need to do good is at the forefront. Political correctness is yet another facet that can be observed around men nowadays. Taking up causes aggressively is taking up a lot more of men’s time.


Men are fitter and trimmer than ever before. They have started taking care with their appearance. They are more experimental. They are no longer afraid to wear red trousers. Or yellow ones. If we look around us, we’ll see men are mostly changing for the better. Advertisers need to wake up to this.





Consumers will be more than willing to pay a premium to view content of their choice. In the case of English movies, the core TG – 16+ male audience – they are a loyal set of viewers who would stick to a channel brand provided there is quality content to be had on a daily basis.


I also see a lot of content consumption on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. That, I think is going to be a challenge for broadcasters; to launch content on multiple platforms and therefore reaching out to a much wider audience. Consumers today, irrespective of their location-whether at home, office or on the move-are consuming content from websites and social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Net-net, by 2020, I see consumers evolving in terms of consuming content from different platforms enabled by technology, and not just TV. 



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