What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Men – Rajat Sharma and Harish Shriyan

21 Oct,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Rajat Sharma and Harish Shriyan.



‘News is a category which changes according to the prevailing conditions’


By Rajat Sharma


News happens to be the most dynamic category in the television industry. From being information driven, the news genre has come a long way to being open for some scope of infotainment as well. The news genre used to be almost men centric initially. The period when entertainment was introduced in the genre, the profile started becoming all adults but subjectively speaking, the involvement levels were always higher for male audiences.


With the transformational scenario prevailing in the country right now, serious news has again become the highpoint for news channels and thus profiling of men has again increased (though women also are taking good interest in news). Viewership data shows almost a 60:40 split in favour of men. Thus, news is a category which changes according to the prevailing conditions in the country at any given point of time.




Men’s changing role in family dynamics


By Harish Shriyan


Till about a decade or so ago, there was a clear demarcation between a man and woman’s role in the family. While the woman was essentially the caregiver and homemaker, man was the bread-earner of the family. However, these barriers are now being broken, with each entering into the other’s territory. There is a sharing of responsibilities too now. There are no straight jacketed roles that men and women are expected to play anymore. Earlier, men went to the market only to buy some high-end or technology products.


With the advent of malls and modern trade it has changed. It is quite common to spot couples shopping together in malls. They, together, make informed decisions and choose products based on careful deliberation. Men are far more involved now – they play a role even in purchase of household products. They, in fact, are very well informed about the brands. It is not only shopping, where men are playing a larger role now. With the number of working couples on the rise household work is a combined effort now. And that is the logical way to go.




Over the next year or two, definitely, serious news is going to keep the men more involved with elections coming up and the expected changes thereafter. After that it will be completely dependent on the mood of the country. It would be safe for me to say that no one can predict a long-term goal where the genre of news is concerned.



Even where women are not working, men are now more involved at home than they were some years back. With this, another interesting change has been that women are equally involved in decision making. It is no longer that a man takes a call, and rest of the family follows. The autocratic world is over. It was in a joint family that patriarch of the house took all the decisions. In a nuclear family, that concept is rapidly diminishing.


In fact, in urban areas more and more young women are emerging as the decision makers. The man-woman equality, and a more open society has also led to men being better groomed. Personal grooming is no longer a women-only domain. While most of these changes are more visible in urban India, things are changing in rural and semi-urban areas as well. Men are more involved in the family now, and it is just a matter of time when women begin emerging as decision makers there as well.


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