What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Men- Haresh Nayak and Vikram Raichura

06 Oct,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Haresh Nayak and Vikram Raichura.


Men in the new OOH ecosystem!!’


By Haresh Nayak


Advertising companies spend a lot of time, money and man power trying to figure out the best ways to target their ads to the right people, whether it’s children, teenagers, men or women. But does it really work to target ads toward a certain gender? As it turns out, it depends on the advertisement.


Advertising to men, used to be as simple as buying few hoardings in commercial areas or on mode of travel. Even though both attract large audiences, men’s interests have broadened. We live in a world changing at a dramatic pace! Posterscope Group in India is pioneering OOH that drives the new OOH ecosystem.


They’re more involved with the family, visiting malls, cinemas, travel, clubs, sports etc. OCS (world’s largest out-of-home consumer survey) a Posterscope initiative, throws some interesting insights on men and their OOH behaviour:






Engaging men consumers via mobile phones and tablets


By Vikram Raichura


Men! Men! Men! Men! Manly… men men men… Hardly anyone is alien to this catchy tune of ‘Two and a Half Men’ and the antics of Charlie Sheen’s sensuous free-wheeling lifestyle in the sitcom. Truth be told, we men love to flaunt our distinct charisma and flair everyplace we trod. Through the clothes we wear, the things we say and the possessions we flash. This spree of ours has come a long way since our stone-age days and though much has changed in our appearances and habits, not much so in our tastes and pursuits.


Then we hunted for food now we hunt food joints, then we wandered now we explore, then we chased women now… well you know. Then we carried tools now we got gadgets and the best of all -The mobile! The gadget wakes us up, plans our day, gets us information and keeps us connected 24×7. Needless to say, we rely greatly on our smart phones and tablets for day-to-day tasks. Mobiles have proved to be a hot platform for mass engagement and brands have shifted their base quickly.




a) Mobile technology: a shrunken device that now provides a host of services while you are out-of-home!

b) A rising sense of health consciousness: healthy food and workouts are a way of life everyday!

c) Constant lookout for fulfilling career: are diminishing boundaries of cities and countries!

d) Emotional connect with sports: cricket is religion of India!


All the above are creating newer ways to connect and engage with the male audience in India!!! OOH is all about people and places. Today outdoor advertising has transformed into OOH and has provided new touch points involving the consumer.


In fact this convergence is removing the barrier between platforms, channels and between discipline and is creating an empowered connected consumer that’s engaging with brands on his own terms within this new OOH ecosystem.





Now you do remember a good looking girl asking you to give a missed call just to get a call back from her, of course you do. It was one of the best mass engagement strategy adopted by a leading Men’s deodorant brand that received whooping response through missed calls. The action was complete with each caller receiving a recorded call in that girl’s voice promoting the product. Now which man won’t appreciate it? Probably none. Moving ahead, the boom of Android and Windows platform, brought us an array of applications.


There’s an application for almost anything and everything. Right from banking, navigation, ticket booking, bill payments to what shirt to wear and how to tie a knot. Male oriented apps of dressing, grooming, styling all the way to counting rounds of drinks are highly in vogue. Games have always held our fancy since childhood days and they still do keep that kid off the leash virtually. Gaming is super cool over mobile & tablets with likes of Asphalt, Temple Run and hundred others.


There’s one for every mood, affinity and like (Candy Crush is loved by men too, seriously). Interestingly, movies are cashing on the opportunity with this one too. It comes as no surprise that Dhoom franchise’s game built for promotion and engagement of their third film has fetched 1,000,000+ downloads. That’s big! Mobiles have been keeping us busy through Music, Movies, Social Networking and are unarguably the best communication device ever. And it’s just getting better with.. Beep beep.. wait a sec, it’s a picture of my kids enjoying at park captured by my wife. How beautiful. See mobile’s got a way of engaging every male with their unique interests.



Tomorrow: Tuesday, October 7: Women– Monica Patnaik and Josy Paul

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