Voylla unveils first-ever television campaign

09 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


Jewellery e-seller brand Voylla.com has launched its first-ever TVC. The TVC was strategically launched in the West Bengal region last week and has been well received by the consumers. The TVC has now gone viral on multiple social platforms.


In less than a week of the launch of the TVC, the ads have crossed over 22,000 views on Youtube and Voylla has become one of the top most searched and on its partnering  channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal.


The campaign is targeted at women in the age group of 25-44 years, residing across urban India. The idea has been drawn from the impulsive insight of a modern contemporary woman who loves to indulge in self-pamper. The attractive price points and ease of navigation through Voyllla’s mobile website, have always been the fundamental objective of the brand, which will now reach the masses through the TVC campaign. If a woman likes something, she should be able to buy it. That is the brand promise in a nutshell.


Keeping upbeat with the Hashtag trend, the company has launched two Ads, #windowshopping and #ridofromeos, while the campaign is led by #AlwaysBeautiful theme.


The campaign will see two Ads being aired directed towards the young Indian Woman who wants to look #AlwaysBeautiful.


The ad #windowshopping breaks with a young woman crossing a jewelry store’s window while shopping, which has on display a beautiful necklace. While she stops in excitement and tries to adjust the necklace around her neck in the mirror reflection, she catches the eye of the salesman inside the showroom. The woman unaware of the leering, loves the necklace around her neck and the next moment is seen surfing through the Voylla website for a similar necklace, clicks buy and walks away.


The second Ad, #RidofRomeos, opens with a young girl at cash counter, standing next to a dude wearing reflector shades. While the guy coughs to draw her attention, she girl looks back at the guy intently making the guy think that he has got her attention. The young woman suddenly whips out an earring from her bag and is seen checking herself out in the reflection of the guy’s sunglasses. She next whips out her phone, browses through Voylla’s website for a similar piece, clicks buy and walks away leaving the guy perplexed.


Vishwas Shringi, Founder and CEO, Voylla, comments, “The imitation/fashion jewelry operates in what can be called the most fragmented market. Two years of sustained efforts in understanding customer behaviour, setting up a robust back end supported by the technology edge and a fine detailed curating, Voylla is focussed towards redefining and organising the industry. We hope the Ad campaign is received well by our audience.”


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