Saffolalife shifts focus to heart problems faced by women

20 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


This World Heart Day Saffolalife will drive awareness and action towards the cause of women’s heart health in India. Contrary to common belief that men are susceptible to heart health problems, recent studies show that as high as 3 out of every 5 women above the age of 35 develop a cholesterol problem, which puts them at a risk of heart diseases.


This film is an endeavour to inspire people to re-evaluate the need to “Protect her heart”. The creative device of this film emanates from a very simple loving ritual that most Indians have grown up with. The ritual of putting a black dot, a ‘kaala teeka’ on the foreheads of our kids, so that they stay protected and healthy. By reversing the gesture and putting the Kaala Teeka on women, Saffolalife urges family members to protect the heart that has always cared so much for them, by taking them for the cholesterol test.


Saffola has always talked to the woman, focussing on the man’s heart health. So when it came to light that 3 out of 5 women in the country are at heart risk, it was not only a startling piece of news to be communicated but also a big opportunity for the brand to shine a light on women’s heart health, which is taken for granted by families and the society at large. We have always lived with a feeling that ‘mom will always be there’, which is a perception out of love and ignorance and not the truth. From this emerged the thought of ‘who will care for the heart that cares for all’. The attempt this time was to put the ‘kaala teeka’ on the beautiful women in everybody’s lives as a symbol to protect their hearts.


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