PepsiCo India’s 7-plus-min #GharWaliDiwali film brings joy, sobs

21 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


It’s a film that’s going to make you smile and cry. PepsiCo has launched a special 7 minutes, 15 second #GharWaliDiwali film on its YouTube channel celebrating togetherness in the festival season. The heart-warming film has directed by Vikramadity Motwane of Udaan fame and features National Awardwinning actress Geetanjali Thapa.


Said Rishi Dogra, PepsiCo India’s Head of Digital Marketing: “The joy of celebrating any occasion with your family is unmatched. With the film, which has been beautifully created by Vikramaditya Motwane, consumers are sure to experience some long lost nostalgic moments. We are also looking forward to consumers sharing these moments of #GharWaliDiwali and have planned some exciting surprises for those with the most engaging stories.”


“India has become mobile and dynamic. We have moved out of homes and travelled the roads in quest of our dreams, our careers, ourlives. Technology has been an ally and have brought our families closer. We feel we are connected. Maybe sometimes, we start taking this for granted. Specially during Diwali. Nothing can replace the love and warmth of HomeComing. Over food, drinks and merrymaking. This is what this film is all about. It’s a calling to all of us to come home,” said Babita Baruah, Senior VP and Executive Business Director, JWT.


“For me, this story has been an attempt to reconstruct an emotion that haunts me every diwali. It’s such an emotional festival because we’ve all grown up attaching all sorts of rituals to it but the way we celebrate it these days is so functional,  so convenient that it takes the joy away- leaving you feeling lonelier than ever. I just wanted people to make the effort, take the trouble to celebrate it like you remember it. At home, with your folks and not over the phonem” added Sonia Bhatnagar, Executive Creative Director, JWT.


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