Logicserve Digital unveils digital inventory service LTD

31 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


Accredited digital marketing agency Logicserve Digitalhas launched Logicserve Trading Desk (LTD). The service aims at disentangling the tedious job of digital media buying and planning, with expertise in choosing the right inventory.


Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technology, global expertise, performance-driven insights into the digital market and healthy relationships with the publisher network; LTD is an essential service for anyone looking at digital media buying around the world. It aids in identifying and allocating the inventory at competitive rates. LTD is a combination of tapping market’s nerve, categorizing media buckets and analysing the performance in real-time.


The advantage that LTD provides ranges from access to the best DSP/RTB platforms, assistance in digital inventory buying, comprehensive multi-media approach, retargeting, optimisation, creative assistance etc. With a 360 degree service, inclusive of impressions across display, mobile, video etc, LTD becomes a single platform for multiple media buying.


“With each media buying platform reciprocating in a unique manner- identifying, tracking and optimising can be a cumbersome task. Hence, we have introduced Logicserve Trading Desk where the client’s life is simplified and spends optimised,” Prasad Shejale, Co-Founder & CEO (India), Logicserve Group.


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