InMobi unveils real-time decision engine Guaranteed Outcomes

06 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


InMobi has announced the launch of InMobi Guaranteed Outcomes for brand advertisers. InMobi Guaranteed Outcomes is a real-time decision engine where each ad impression served guarantees the desired outcomes for brands by meeting their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


The new offering increases the engagement rate of an advertising campaign, as well as specifically guarantees an outcome as a result of this engagement, improving the overall scope of monetization for publisher partners.


InMobi Guaranteed Outcomes stems from a deep understanding of users and their preferences in order to influence their buying decisions. This offering goes beyond traditional impressions or views as the only terms of measurement and ensures that the Call-To-Action or campaign parameters are achieved beyond expectations. As users go through varied phases of understanding and buying a product, InMobi capitalizes on these moments of maximum opportunity to deliver the most engaging ad experience. This engagement guarantees desired outcomes.


“As a brand advertiser, you are focused on business outcomes, not just impressions. InMobi Guaranteed Outcomes is the realization of multiple years of investment in decision and predictive sciences. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, InMobi takes the uncertainty out of mobile marketing campaigns to deliver precise results,” said Preetham.V.V., Global Head – Brand & Commerce Products, InMobi.


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