dna to publish weekly window to ad & marketing business with ‘dna of brands’

06 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


Leading English daily dna has announced the launch of a weekly window to advertising, media and marketing. The special section – to be called dna of brands — will start publication with effect from Monday, October 6 and will be published on all Mondays thereafter.


‘dna of brands’ will start as a one-pager, but will expand to multiple offerings, including a significant presence in the digital media.This new page serves as a perfect platform for the industry big wigs to share insights , learnings, forecast trends, discuss new launches and interact. dna of brands provides an interesting outlet for the makers of Brands and the entire fraternity to interact with readers.dna has appointed Pradyuman Maheshwari as consulting editor for this special page – dna of brands​ (* See Disclosure).​


​”dna is the only news daily that has been covering the advertising and marketing fraternity since its launch in July 2005.  There is much reader interest in these stories, and it’s good to have news and views on the business of brands move to the mainstream media,” said Mr Maheshwari.​


​* Disclosure​: Pradyuman Maheshwari is Editor-in-Chief and CEO, MxMIndia.




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