Contract rolls out new campaign for Cadbury Celebrations

08 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


Contract Advertising’s latest campaign for Cadbury Celebrations urges people to bring the festivities with them this Diwali season. This year the brand has taken it upon itself to take a closer look at festivals, and what they mean to us today.


“Gifting is an intrinsic part of Diwali celebrations. But these days, the act of gifting has become more of a chore and its role in adding to the celebratory nature of the festival has been diminished. We wanted to rekindle this true joy of Diwali gifting. There is a tradition of people going back to their parents during Diwali. Our story is one, where parents decide to surprise their son at his workplace on Diwali,” says Ashish Chakravarty, National Creative Director, Contract Advertising.


Cadbury Celebrations recognized that festivals that were meant to be fun and filled with festivity had become mundane and ritualistic. Therefore the need of the hour was to bring back some enthusiasm and set the tone of change. The campaign thought came about, when one realised it is important to change a festival into a celebration where joy and energy flow unlimited, where we are truly in the moment, connected and fuelling the festivity. And what better way to do this than to make all the good things we know come together to spring the festival back to life.


Contract has partnered Mondelez to bring this powerful thought to life through a launch TVC, as well as help create 360 impact.


Cadbury Celebrations, the chocolate gifting brand in the Mondelez portfolio, operates across the premium and mass premium segments with the Rich Dry Fruit Collection (RDFC), being the growth driver catering to the premium end.


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