Baddies turn scared in Taproot’s new film for Mumbai Mirror

30 Oct,2014

By A Correspondent


After having made waves and won some critical acclaim (and many awards), Mumbai Mirror has unveiled an all-new television commercial. (Link:


So what’s the insight behind this campaign, we asked Rahul Kansal, Executive President, Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited. “Criminals and corrupt people have got away with impunity in India for way too long,” he said, adding: “The average citizen is impatient to bring an end to this impunity. We decided to show these bad elements in  society being finally brought to book, thanks to the fearless exposes done by Mumbai Mirror.”


Fundamentally, this film is actually saying the same thing as the first film, said Mr Kansal. “However, its totally inverted the prism through which the story is being told. The last time around, we showed it from the point of view of the citizen, who had been hurt by the system and was fighting back. Now we are showing it from the point of the ‘baddies’, who are running scared.”


Taproot was the creative agency for the film and the brief from BCCL to the agency was clear: “To continue to portray Mumbai Mirror as a fearless voice of the common citizen of Mumbai.”


Client: BCCL:  Rahul Kansal, Sandeep Singh Arora, Amiteshwar Kukreja, Pooja Bala and Sana Arora

Agency: Taproot: Umesh Shrikhande, Santosh Padhi/Agnello Dias – Chief Creative Officers

Production House: Ramesh Deo Production (RDP)

Writer: Agnello Dias

Director: Abhinay Deo

Music: Ram Sampath

Producer: Apurba Sengupta

Cinematographer: Kartik Vijay


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