A request from MxMIndia: Please go out and Vote!

15 Oct,2014


By Pradyuman Maheshwari


It’s voting day today for the elections of the Maharashtra and Haryana state Assemblies (288 constituencies in Maharashtra and 90 in Haryana). And some bypolls.


It’s a holiday for many, but there are some offices which are working having offered concessions to employees in terms of timings.


While we have an edition today, our offices are shut allowing the staff working out of the office to be able to vote.


Being a small team, it’s more easily done. But if you can, please do incentivise or put an element of fun. Go, effect a tie-up with the neighbourhood nightspot for a glass of draught after the dry spell ends this evening.


Do whatever, but vote one must. And ensure that people around you vote too. Try and do your bit to help people vote. If you can assist and dropping people off to the voting booth from your housing complex, do that. Most voting stations do not allow for cars to be parked in the vicinity. And walking in the October heat can be painful.


We keep cribbing about our infrastructure. About the corruption. About the kind of politicians who run the state. While we still don’t have too much of a choice in the matter of who’s contesting in our constituencies, we can always vote them to power. Or reject them.


If you don’t know the contestants in your area, find out more about them. Or vote the political party of your choice.


Participating in the polling process is a good way to help make our respective cities and towns better places to live in. And that’s reason #1 to 100… to infinity for voting. There’s no right to recall elected candidates, but the fact that there have been people in other parts of the world (and even here in India) taking on the rulers via mass protests and social media has shown us that there is a way out of the mess.


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