What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Teens – Puneet Johar and Rahul Johri

08 Sep,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Puneet Johar and Rahul Johri




The Internet of everything, the genius of everyone


By Puneet Johar


It seems not too long back, maybe a decade I or so that we read articles prophesying that content and commerce consumption were poised to change. Connected devices and handhelds would be the future of content consumption. The world was divided into the believers, cynics and people in between.


It did seem a bit far-fetched, especially when we were living in a world where digital content meant a SMS alert. There were people attempting to put content on handheld devices but it was clunky. We were looking towards giants like Nokia and Ericsson to change the way content is fundamentally consumed and make all the prophecies come true.


What was not obvious was that the virtuous circle of disruption in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California that was becoming bigger with each passing day would influence and change our lives forever in the way we consume content and make every prophecy come true. And, then, stretch it further to unimagined proportions.




‘The ability to innovate will be a crucial determinant for TV brands’


By Rahul Johri


Mobile phones, the world wide web, apps, live chats – the Indian youth lives in a world filled with myriad choices of entertainment. When it comes to television, the audience has also evolved in terms of information and tastes. The new breed of TV viewers seeks content dealing with information and experiences that have a direct bearing on their lives and lifestyle. Evidently, no single channel can hope to be a one-stop shop for entertainment anymore. Only those channels that have a distinct proposition will thrive in this new order, and emerge as the most-preferred destinations for viewers.


Programming to viewers with diverse needs is a formidable task. Anticipating the trend of digitisation and demand of specialised content in the country, Discovery Networks expanded its footprint in India to eight specialised-content channels in five different languages. In addition, digitization brings in multiple benefits such as choice of multiple languages, interactive services – live pause and play, video gaming, tutorials etc offer viewers a choice to watch their favourite content at their own convenience.



In the world of smartphones, tablets and social media, while we attribute the richly deserved transformation to legends led by Steve Jobs, we cannot forget that the momentum that has been building for the past two decades led by the Silicon Valley is much larger than the force or thoughts of any one individual. Every prophecy that is now being made including the internet of everything could become a reality because fundamentally the genius of everyone connected has been unleashed.


If the prophecies today point to content being created and consumed everywhere where every object is a connected device then not believing it may just mean that we have lived the last two decades in denial. So I do believe it when people suggest that smartphones and tablets that we carry will be computing power that will connect and make every object a virtual or physical screen to interact with.


I do believe when people say that today’s devices and how we consume content could seem as archaic as the mobile phones from a decade back seem today. The legendary character Morpheus in The Matrix says, ‘Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?’ We are now in a world of nearly 7 billion dreams and all connected.




All these channels have created new and distinct viewer groups. Discovery Channel pioneered factual programming in the country and continues to introduce new formats like survival, adventure, exploration and journeys into the unknown, which has helped the channel strengthen its bond with the young viewers. Aiming to reach curious minds across territories, the channel has diversified in multiple languages. The channel’s India productions like Revealed: National Defence Academy, Revealed: Rashtrapati Bhawan and Everest: Indian Army Women Expedition has offered viewers rare glimpses of their own country.


Discovery Science is a cool and fun science channel for the enthusiasts. With ‘Question Everything’ to its core, the channel introduces novel ways of knowing and thinking about the natural and physical world we live in. Discovery Turbo is dedicated to young male audience who has passion for automobiles and mechanics.


A pioneer in lifestyle programming, TLC is a window to the world for the consumer who is aspirational and is on a quest for finer things in life, from travel to cuisine to everything that encompasses hi-life. Catering to audiences who have a refined choice in what they watch, Discovery Networks continues to bring refreshing genres and captivating formats. In an ever-changing television environment, the ability to innovate will be a crucial determinant of value for television brands.



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