What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Children – Nina Elavia Jaipuri and Deepak Jayaram

09 Sep,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Nina Elavia Jaipuri and Deepak Jayaram




The changing face of kids entertainment


By Nina Elavia Jaipuria


Kids constitute nearly one-third of the total Indian population and thanks to this dynamic age group and their ever evolving entertainment needs, it is no surprise that kid focussed entertainment has multiplied and kids television is not only witnessing massive growth but also seeing new, innovative offerings.


Kids are entering and exiting age groups at great speed and every age group comes with its own set of preferences. Hence microsegmentation of kids channels has become the order of the day. Customised and differentiated content offerings across various Target Groups (be it age, gender, geography, etc.) is what kids entertainers are catering to. For example, the Nickelodeon kids cluster consists of Nick that caters to kids seeking comedy, Sonic caters to the action and adventure loving boys, Nick Junior caters to pre-schoolers and young moms with edutainment focussed shows and Teen Nick talks to the whimsical tween/ teen girls with its cutting-edge international shows. Clearly, the one-size-fits-all formula does not work anymore!



Creating relevant platforms will give marketers an early lead


By Deepak Jayaram


It is really interesting that I am writing about tweens, especially at a time when my elder daughter is moving out of this phase and the younger one is just stepping into it.


We live in very interesting times and our tweens make them even more interesting with their energy levels, curiosity and willingness to try new things like sharing experiences, creating their own videos for the world to see and more. Tweens is really an interesting phase in life… too old for toys and too young for boys.


On a serious note, they have immense confidence in themselves and state views in black and white as they discover them. Luckily, they are conformists and are constantly seeking information from their peers, parents, teachers, media, and are already digital nomads rapidly moving to becoming natives.



With the wave of digitization sweeping across India, the choices that kids have at the press of a button are limitless. All the more reason for broadcasters to keep in mind that compelling story telling, endearing characters and great quality animation created along the way is what will tick with kids today. No matter how dynamic this age group is, animation still remains the favorite medium of entertainment that transports them to a parallel world of escape and fantasy.


Few evergreen and larger than life characters such as Chhota Bheem, Ninja Hattori and Doraemon are bigger than the channels that carry them and dominate the kids category viewership. It is also very interesting to note that there is a growing preference for original Indian local content. Winning and endearing local shows like Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu, Mighty Raju, Pakdam Pakdai and Keymon Ache are testimony to the fact that Indian animation is coming of age and so is the industry.


Kids are early adopters of technology and to cater to the ‘Screenagers’, kids entertainers are ensuring that they are served their daily dose of entertainment at a time, place and screen convenient to them! This TG is a formidable one and with their short attention span, they will keep the marketers and broadcasters on their toes. We will need to continuously re-invent ourselves and innovate to stay relevant to this ever evolving and dynamic bunch of consumers! Jai Ho Kids!!!




TV is a key part of life for them with the choice of programming being dominated by select channels like Disney, Nick and more of the same genre. Interestingly, viewing is more inclusive and has the family also watching these shows. The biggest change that I have been seeing is the effect of technology, its inclusion in our lives and the way we are living as nuclear families. Tablets have become a family entertainment device and the introduction to gaming to a lot of tweens. Farmville, Temple Run, Angry Birds…this list is an on-going process of discovery: attention and stickiness are however dependant on the next new fad!!!


We know this audience takes to experimental marketing like fish to water if engaged right. Digital activation and gaming are the two opportunities that are likely to look much more interesting in coming times. In addition, some touch points are becoming interesting spaces to engage consumers. Supermarkets, malls, school contact programmes come to mind. Marketers, however, have to be clear about investing in this life stage and not sell through them.


In nuclear families and especially ones where we have both parents working, parents are spending quality time with the tweens and making them a part of lot of decisions. The influence of tweens in purchase decisions has been increasing by the day. As a marketer, all of the above seem to offer enough opportunities.


If a marketer chooses to engage with this phase in the consumer’s lifecycle, influences are bound to become a part of the coming stages. However, one has to be wary of not being typecast into this stage depending on the category under consideration. The marketers who create relevant platforms based on relevant insight and keep building on them will be the ones who will establish the early lead and create path-breaking case studies.



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