RK Swamy BBDO executes campaign for Mangaldeep Agarbattis

29 Sep,2014

By A Correspondent


Campaign Name – Mangaldeep- India in Prayer

Client / Brand Name – ITC, Mangaldeep Agarbattis

Creative Agency – RK Swamy BBDO, Chennai


Brief: The film is a montage that captures the transformation of agitated prayer into a moment of quiet and serene divine connect. It opens with a babel of anxious prayers, which is silenced by the striking of a match that lights a Mangaldeep agarbatti. And the chant of the Universal Prayer or the Shanti Mantra or the Sarveshaam Mantra begins. The film captures various people in prayer, in temples, at home, in meditation, in celebration… all experiencing the silence and peace of the selfless Mangaldeep prayer.


Research insights: In today’s India, there is an increasing lack of knowledge and confusion about what role religion and prayer should play in our lives. As we compete materially and deplete spiritually, we find ourselves struggling to reconcile our values with our daily ambitions. Our key insight centered around the fact that while agarbattis are all about the ritual of prayer, increasingly in this chaotic world of ours, prayer has become more of an automated, frantic, need-based ritual.


“The response in our consumer research on the scratch was better than anything we expected. We knew we had a winner when we heard the inclusiveness and emotional connect that the scratch was bringing,” said Ambika Chandrasekar, VP, Research & Planning, RK Swamy BBDO, Chennai.


Thought process: Since work began on brand Mangaldeep about a year ago, it witnessed growth in the shelves, but what it had to aim for was growth in mindspace. The task was to create communication that would help it stand out as a large and distinctive brand in a marketplace crowded with regional players. Communication that would also cut through the clutter and advertising noise.


Differentiating factor about the ad: The powerful visual language, complemented with the stirring music track.


Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYGpmjzNBSg




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