Realty Check | Day 19 | Vijay Machindar: Holistic view on real estate sector for all-round happiness

03 Sep,2014

By Vijay Machindar
Managing Director, Ornate Spaces Pvt Ltd


It’s interesting that this article just as the first 100 days of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government are being celebrated. There is indeed overwhelming support for the Modi and the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance that even naysayers will contend that the mood on the street is definitely upbeat.


This after all the gloom was welcome, especially by the real estate sector since it can only prosper if the sentiments are positive not just in the industry but also among all citizens as only then will property be sold and bought.


It’s important that the government and civic administrations have a holistic approach to infrastructure development. In the short run, this may impact some interests, but it is the only way in which we can ensure the well-being of everyone. It is critical that all stakeholders respect the need for proper civic infrastructure.


This holistic view means that in all of the real estate development activity, we do not ignore the environment. The world including India has paid a price when nature has been plundered. We need to take care of the environment.


The long term prosperity and happiness of all stakeholders can only be achieved if in our pursuit of building property, we do not ignore the environment. Mother Nature needs the respect she deserves.


Coordinated by Shobhana Nair


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