McCann unveils new campaign for Quickkool

25 Sep,2014

By A Correspondent


Worldgroup has launched a new campaign for Quickkool. People live with mouth ulcers rather than do something about it as they know it will remain for some days. Current mouth ulcer solutions in the market do not talk about ‘Instancy’ in terms of relief. Quikkool is a unique mouth ulcer gel that provides instant relief from pain & burning sensation of mouth ulcers.


The film documents the tale of a Sherpa in the snow-capped mountains. He encounters a loud yell from the distance. His curiosity draws him towards the source. Slowly but steadily, he inches further, only to realize that the shriek is not of Yeti, but instead a mountaineer facing the pain of a mouth ulcer. The Sherpa instantly solves the problem with QuikKool mouth ulcer gel as he yells out, “Chaale tujhe dekh loonga!”


Kedar Rajadnye, COO, Piramal Consumer Products said, “Piramal Healthcare is on the leading players in the self-care domain, wherein, consumers take their own self care decisions to solve their problems that disrupt their routine. We saw, Mouth Ulcers’ as one of those routine stopping’ problems faced by consumers that we need to solve. We met lot of consumers & understood that the intense pain while eating & talking caused due to ‘mooh ke challe’ becomes unbearable & that there is currently no single effective solution. QuikKool gives instant relief from pain as well as provides cooling comfort and thus, enables the consumer to get on with one’s life.”


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