Jaldi 5 with Kartik Sharma: Emvies is the most coveted award in this part of the world for media agencies

19 Sep,2014

Alhough just seven months as Managing Director of Maxus South Asia, Kartik Sharma has been around with the GroupM agency since seven years. While there is a good roster of clients, the media agency business is very competitive and it’s in this scenario that winning the ‘Agency of the Year’ at Emvies 2014 means a lot for Team Maxus. Excerpts from an interview with Kartik Sharma…


01. While Maxus has been doing well at the Emvies over the years, the Agency of the Year is a significant achievement. What does this win mean for the agency’s India office?

Emvies is the most coveted award in this part of the world for media agencies, simply because it’s an award for not only innovation, but also effectiveness. Even a single award would suffice since it’s getting judged by best-in-class clients across various companies, In the last seven years, we’ve always had a dream to be the No 1. We have done exceedingly well at most other forums, but at the Emvies we have come a very close second, sometimes third. So that feeling of “You can do it, but it’s not coming” was always there. I think this means much to ourselves as a team and also to the clients who kept the belief that yes, Maxus can and has everything it takes to get the Agency of the Year award.


02. The Power of 49 obviously worked for you?

Yes, fantastic work done on the ‘Power of 49’. We sent in entries for 10 clients and are delighted that nine of them won an award at the Emvies. So, it’s also satisfying to see that the diverse nature of work the agency is putting across. Also, it’s not just innovation that we are doing well at, we have strengthened our research and analytics focus, our strategy focus…


03. Does the push for winning awards put too much pressure on your team on a day-to-day basis?

No way. We never do work to win awards. We do great work which eventually wins awards. So, our goal is always to excel. And if you set that goal then awards are just a by-product. We never go to Tata Tea saying that let’s do ‘Power of 49’ and we will win awards. We are there to solve a problem or a challenge, we did that and the great work ends in good results.


04. How will you ensure that you win the top place next year too?

I think, first is attitudinally, the passion to do great work is fundamental. So, that will continue. Second is that goal which I spoke about, if you put that goal as excellence in building clients, getting awards as a by-product is far more simpler. That’s something that will continue to work.


05. And how is the rivalry with Mindshare?

I won’t call it rivalry, I think it’s a healthy competition. I think they’re a great competitor to have. They are extremely professional, we really respect all the work they do. It’s good to have a competitor who will push you to do your best. And I think some of the manifestations that we got was also on the healthy competitor spirit. It’s not rivalry at all.


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