Ivan Chermanyeff and Ajaz Ahmed were highlights of Day 3 of #KDY14

15 Sep,2014

By Abhijeet Amonkar


Ajaz Ahmed

It was the last day of an event that no one wanted to end. The three-day design, digital and creativity conference ended on a high with a 1970s-style theme party coinciding with the D&AD-backed awards.


The day began with Mat Heinl, CEO, Moving Brands who was of the firm belief that for brands to be successful, they must stop separating themselves from their products and services. Brands must create behaviours, instead of artefacts, he said.


The next speaker, Todd Rovak, Managing Partner, Fahrenheit 212 said that while making toys, children respond more to Batman, a human being who gets to the top through training rather than Superman, who is born perfect. As far as innovation is concerned, an idea must solve a problem for the consumer as well as the business. He believes that “In order to go big, first go small.”


Next up was Morihiko Hasebe, Executive Creative Director from Hakuhodo Inc who showcased the idea of combing various sectors to create an aesthetic and useful product. His company looks ahead, and is preparing designs for as much as a decade ahead.


The two highlights of the day were Ivan Chermanyeff, Principal, Chermanyeff  & Geismar & Haviv and Ajaz Ahmed, Founder, AKQA. Chermanyeff, widely regarded as the god of logos , spoke about the thoughts that went into designing his work. “I’m one of those few people who can’t sit still,” he said while talking of his formula of success. His advice to future graphic designers is “Bring an idea that stays in place for a long, long time.”


Ahmed, on the other hand, who founded leading digital agency AKQA at age 21, gave said even the smallest seed of an idea can cause a great revolution of hope.


Earlier, Holly Hall, the Awards Director of the London-based D&AD spoke on the ‘What If?’ theme. The final speakers were Nathan Prince and Liam Paton from Silent Studios. They spoke about how music enhances our lives, and how in advertising, music is very important. Like most of the speakers, they said “Experiences, rather than products, make people happy.”


So what was the highlight of the Kyoorius event versus various others held in the country or the region. When asked to comment on this, Rajesh Kejriwal, Founder and CEO, said that the event was a serious business. “We don’t want to people to come here for entertainment and drinks, even if it’s Goa. We want them to return inspired and be brimming with more ideas.”


A senior marketer, who had been to the festival for the first time, echoed this sentiment. “I was told that you come here for the content, and I wasn’t disappointed,” she said.


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