Hit 95 FM turns station into live stage on eve of 8th anniversary

11 Sep,2014

By A Correspondent


On eve of its eighth anniversary, Delhi’s HIT 95 FM carried out a unique initiative where it turned the station into a live stage. The station hosted “Live and Loaded”, where eight bands performed live from the HIT 95 FM studios to make the birthday party a loud one on-air.


The Revisit Project, Kitchensink, Red Mawkin, The Circus, Shadow and Light, Dhruv Visvanath, Barefaced Liar and Half Step Down each performed live for an hour, 9 am onwards, turning the programming of the station into a truly live experience.


Each hour was dedicated to a particular band, and they got the freedom to express themselves through their music, talking about their journey and playing their music for the audience, making the radio experience what it was supposed to ideally be – live, warm, and immediate in its evoking of emotion.


It was the first time that such a long and well known lineup of bands descended on radio. It was another attempt by the station, which has for years been lending constant support to the independent music scene through primetime play of indie songs, live interviews over the weekend with the Breakfast Jam (a two hour interview slot Saturday morning 10 am to 12 noon) and the Jampad (a one hour interview slot, Monday to Friday 11 am to 12 noon), to make the station truly representative of the flavour of Delhi’s music scene, and of the talent that exists within our own borders.


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