Follow your heart and do good: Message from Day 2 of #KDY14

15 Sep,2014

By Abhijeet Amonkar


Design dominated discussions on the second day of the Kyoorius weekend in Goa, although it was technically Day One of the mainstay Kyoorius Designyatra. The theme was the same as the Digiyatra on Thursday: ‘What If’.


The day began with Jonathan Ford, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Pearlfisher whose presentation centered mainly on good ideas. “The most impossible ideas are the ones that bring about the most change,” Ford said. To truly improve your brand, you need to learn to say no, and if you find yourself conflicted, you need to follow your heart.


The next speakers were Simon Manchipp and David Law, both Executive Creative Officers of SomeOne. Their presentations were humorous, earning quite a few laughs from the audience. The secret to their success has been their ability to turn a brand, into a superbrand. The standout statement from their session (which was tweeted a number of times) was: “Most brands are so busy telling their stories, that they forget no one is interested!”


Meanwhile, David Berman, founder of David Berman Communications, spoke about a topic close to his heart. He believes that all designers must set aside 10% of their weekly time, and devote it to design solutions for the problems that our world faces today. His main agenda was sustainability, something that will reduce the clutter in the world tremendously, in addition to making creative designs. “Don’t just do design, do good,” he said.


Post lunch, Natasha Jen, Partner at the global firm Pentagram, took over on the topic “The price of Creativity”. Her real inspiration to designing things stems from Legp, and most of her designs have them incorporated in some way. Most of her projects are pro-bono, since she believes that money can never buy you happiness, and that designing should be done because you love it.  Her belief:  “Stay calm and keep hustling.”


Next up was Kayonaaz Kalyanwala from Video Volunteers which creates a low-cost medium for people to voice and uncover stories, and make the common people take notice.


The Designyatra ended with a bang, literally. Karsh Kale performing along with Abhijit Jejurikar and the kids from Dharavi Rocks. They were given a standing ovation at the end of their rousing performance, and it was a fitting and energetic end to the day. Famous last words from Kale: “It’s very easy to become static if you aren’t curious.”


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