Facebook rolls out more features for its video biz

09 Sep,2014

By A Correspondent


The last few months have seen an unprecedented growth in video consumption for Facebook in India. More and more people are uploading, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook. Video views grew more than 50 per cent from May through July of this year, and since June there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.


For marketers, digital video, particularly on mobile, is becoming more important as well. Combining sight, sound and motion, video creates experiences that are, at their best, memorable, moving and inspiring – the types of experiences that help brand marketers drive important metrics, including awareness, consideration and, ultimately, sales.


Facebook has announced some new features to its video ads offering. After introducing videos that start playing automatically in News Feed earlier this year, FB found that people discover significantly more content with this feature. And when used in combination with the new video views objective, businesses are seeing a significant decrease in cost per view for their Facebook video ads. So in the coming weeks, FB will extend the availability of videos that play automatically to more content from more brands in the US.


“Using videos we uploaded to Facebook during Fashion Week in February, we saw an 85X lift in view rates versus our previous Fashion Week campaign, which linked to videos from other players. This fall we will begin tapping into the new video views objective, and our ads are now eligible to automatically play in News Feed. Facebook is and will continue to be a key part of our video marketing strategy going forward,” shared Jen Daly, Senior Brand Building Manager, TRESemmé & Nexxus, Unilever


People will also begin to see how many views a video on Facebook has received. Views will be shown on all public videos from people and Pages. This will help people discover popular videos, and help businesses quickly gather information about how their videos are performing.


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