DDB Mudra unveils new campaigns for Union Bank of India

05 Sep,2014

By A Correspondent


DDB Mudra West has unveiled a new campaign for Union Bank of India. The task was to let everyone know that Union Bank of India’s products and services are not only at par with private banks but also surpass them in many ways.


Union Bank of India is one of the largest PSU Banks in India. Established in 1919, UBI has always stood for shared Indian dreams. The brand’s tagline; ‘Your Dreams Are Not Yours Alone’ reflects this belief and its promise to partner every dream. In its last outing, Union Bank of India used dependable partners of renowned celebrities to bring alive the brand promise – Ajit Tendulkar, Aruna Anand and Kareema Beegum.


In the current campaign, the idea was to borrow insightful stories from real life – stories about a common man’s aspirations, dreams and the hurdles faced in order to achieve them.


When the campaign was initiated, the team zeroed down on five products and services viz. home loan, SME loan, phone banking services, quicker processing and proactive follow-ups and self-generation of ATM pins and passwords. They then decided to cast a single family for all five films. This was critical as it was important to illustrate how these products and services can improve the quality of life of an average Indian family. Out of the 5 films included in the campaign, two were released in 2013 and two in August 2014. Like the last two TVCs (Home Loan & quicker processing and proactive follow-ups), the storyboards of the two recently released TVCs (SME Loan and Phone Banking Services) also revolve around 5 members of this family, their dreams and the role played by Union Bank of India to turn them into reality.


The SME Loan TVC takes the viewers through a father-son relationship and how the son’s notion about his father changes after a minor conflict that arises between the two. The solution to the conflict is UBI’s SME loan, thus making it an integral part of the story. The TVC ends on an emotional yet wise thought while using the tagline – ‘Your Dreams Are Not Yours Alone’ as the proposition of the film.  Like the previous TVCs, Pankaj Kapoor plays the father and brings out the various nuances of the everyday life of an Indian father beautifully.


Another TVC which highlights the phone banking service of UBI utilizes the unsaid wishes and unexpressed emotions between an Indian husband and wife in a beautiful manner.   Starring Pankaj Kapoor as the man of the family, the TVC opens with him and his wife in a jewelry showroom where he is trying to persuade his wife to buy a lesser expensive necklace by telling his wife that it looks beautiful on her. While he wishes to buy the expensive necklace for her, he is not able to do so due to lack of funds in his bank account. Their son is observing this situation along with his other siblings from a distance. He realizes the hesitation of his father and helps him come out of it with the help of Union Bank of India’s phone banking service. The film deals with the delicate intricacies faced by the man in the family on an everyday basis and how his family members can help him with the help of UBI services.


Aman Mannan & Ashish Phatak, Executive Creative Directors mentioned that, “With these TVCs, we wish to highlight the instant and seamless services provided by Union Bank of India. Be it the TVC where the SME loan services have been showcased as wisdom passed on from father to son to trust Union Bank of India to support his entrepreneurial dreams or the phone banking TVC where the instant nature of the services empowers the son to help his father fulfill his mother’s wishes; these TVCs highlight the usefulness of UBI services in the everyday life of its consumers.”


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