Amith Prabhu: Public Reputation is a matter of PRide

22 Sep,2014

By Amith Prabhu


As I write this column my first book is getting wings and taking flight. My first book is a collection of all columns I wrote here from the start and over twelve months. I felt it would be good to put all these columns in one place as our profession lacks literature that one can refer to.


The book is available for those who want a copy by contacting me on Twitter @amithpr using the hashtag #TakingPRide. Talking of books and I’ve said it earlier that we in India need books on the profession to guide us to do Public Relations the right way. I hope some of the doyens of the Indian PR business will take out time to write books that will inspire and show the way.


As you read this column, the World PR Forum is taking place in Madrid. This event held once in two years is organised by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, an international federation of organisations and associations devoted to Public Relations. I had made plans to attend but work commitments led to me calling it off at the last minute.


Communication with Conscience is the theme of this global forum and one can follow conversations on Twitter by checking the hashtag #WPRF2014. I have urged fellow professionals in the past and I do so again to invest in attending one solid national conference in the first five years of the career and one international event in the second ‘five-year’ of the career because there is so much to learn from the connections and conversations that take place in these. It is worth the investment of time and money.


We have every reason to be proud of our profession, despite the tags that get thrown at it from time to time. In a few weeks ICCO Summit will take place in New Delhi. This global conference is back in the national capital for the second time in six years. Again, a golden opportunity to save on air ticket and visa costs by attending the India edition. If you have not registered yet, the time is now.


What else can we do in addition to hoping for an accreditation system, of which I wrote in my last column besides hoping that books on our profession get written and attending global events? I think nothing beats award winning work. One way of doing it is by doing some real good work and then entering them for awards. But a better way is to keep awards in mind and design a campaign that will really stand out. Because to have a public reputation is a matter of Pride.


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