Amith Prabhu: Getting professionals together is just half the work done

15 Sep,2014

By Amith Prabhu


The third edition of Praxis held on September 12 and 13 in Agra was testimony to the fact that professionals long to belong and would travel a great distance for 24 hours of revelry, learning and belonging. Having stated that I want to say that we have a long way to go! Despite all the shortcomings, the fact that over 300 individuals representing over 80 organizations coming together for 24 hours means this profession is evolving and in the right direction.


What next? While Praxis will continue becoming an annual feature and we see a lot of interest in an event like this we need to step up to start embracing the concept of accreditation. It is time for Indian professional to get accredited like it happens in the west. Then organisations with the highest number of accredited professionals on its roll will have a better advantage than its peers.


The goal is that, by the time we are at the fifth edition of Praxis we are able to have a mechanism and structure in place to offer accreditation for Indian professionals. Once again, the leaders need to get together and work on the first draft of this concept. Unless there is a whole hearted support of the stalwarts this idea will not get teeth and wings.


Much was spoken at Praxis about opportunities in the future for the PR professional. How can we grab them if we are not equipped well enough? Just being smart professionals is not good enough, being smart and respected is the need of the hour.


The first half of the task is bringing professionals together, the next step is to propel them into a newer orbit of success and growth. Our best quality talent is on par with the best quality talent anywhere in the world but the percentage varies greatly. We need to work towards having a high impact talent force.


This can only happen when three stakeholders get together. Representatives from academia, corporates and consultancies need to make sure they work towards achieving a higher status for the better professional. One step towards that goal is a smart accreditation programme.


While the high profile summit, which included several international speakers behind us, and plans afoot for the next edition, it is time to pause and ponder on what we have to offer in terms of innovative ways for the profession in India. It is time to become like doctors, engineers, lawyers and chartered accountants who have exams that qualify them to practice legally and to a large extent ethically. Are we ready to walk that distance?


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