What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Family – Vijay Bobby and Avik Chattopadhyay

19 Aug,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Vijay Bobby and Avik Chattopadhyay



Regional publications must have a unique identity of their own
By Vijay Bobby


In my opinion, there are three very important factors by which regional publications can be relevant to the 18+male and female readers.


First, regional publications must take all efforts to speak to the TG in their language.By this I mean that, rather than trying to emulate English dailies in editorial delivery,choice of content including selection of headlines and even presentation of news,regional dailies must communicate in a way that is most comfortable to the readers. After all, regional publications have the advantage of communicating in the readers’ mother tongue through an Indian language and this advantage must be fully taken advantage of.



Concept of relevant disruption could do it for ads
By Avik Chattopadhyay


Advertising is a means and not an end. It has a purpose and therefore a deliverable. The more measurable the deliverable, the more potent is the advertising. Therefore if any piece of advertising does not deliver, it is a waste and cannot be termed ‘innovative’ in anyway. For an innovation, by its very nature, presupposes a positive impact.




Regional publications must have a unique identity of their own and change with the times in all aspects and not look like translated versions of English publications. In fact, going one step further, one can even try different editorial and layout presentation styles depending on the editorial content. The language used to convey film news can be different from that used to convey business news and so on.The best example one can think of to substantiate this observation is the film industry. Over the years, English movies have remained the same (except in use of technology) in terms of dialogue delivery, body language, vocabulary and continue to run successfully whereas if one looks at the regional language movies, the difference between movies released a few decades back and the ones being released now is striking.Can you imagine today’s movies being made like the ones that were made even about ten years back?.


Secondly, in today’s context when updatedheadlines are made available round the clockthrough mobiles, tablets and other devices,regional publications must do much morethan just report news. Analysis, statistics, expert opinions, graphic illustrations, photographs capturing vital event-related moments and lot more should be included in the editorial content. The reader must feel that he is getting a lot more than he has already learnt through TV or other updates.


Last but not least, engaging the reader in interactive exercises is very important.Applications like Augmented Reality can be effectively used to create a good rapport with readers and such exercises will increase reader loyalty as well as create goodwill. Just imagine news coverage of a one-day match wherein a reader can scan the article and watch a video of all the wickets that fell! Orthink of a recipe in the weekend cookerycolumn wherein one can scan and see theactual dish being prepared. Such featureswill especially be attractive to the youth andwomen readers.



An innovation, in the context of advertising, is a deliberate communication intervention that overturns convention. It could very well be called a ‘disruption’. In fact, I prefer the term disruption. Or better, relevant disruption. One that makes the target sit up, take notice and react positively.The concept applies to all target groups – be it men, women or the youth of India.



Both Messrs Boby and Chattopadhyay have moved on from their previous jobs

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