Tech glitch sees MxMIndia down for a few hours

26 Aug,2014

Okay, let’s not make any excuses about it. The boss was tinkering with the DNS records of our website as were migrating to another mail server. Rather than depend on the pros to do the job, he chose to do it himself.


He tinkered a bit. Deleted a key record and added one at a place it shouldn’t have been done. The result: the website was down for some eight hours. Frantic calls to our hosting provider and our developers got the site up.


Last heard some champagne bottles were uncorked in various parts of the country. And those who had uncorked the bottles earlier when they found us down were now drinking soya milk (#just).


Sorry about this. This is the first time in the near-three years of our existence that such a downtime has happened. In the past, there have been controlled outages.


And just for your information, we’ve now got a very robust hosting server. And two mail servers.


Enjoy the experience… the MxMIndia experience. That last bit in Kabir Bedi’s voice.


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