Soho Square bags creative biz for Bisleri’s new product

20 Aug,2014



Soho Square has bagged the advertising business for the upcoming launch of a new beverage by Bisleri. The said beverage is slated to hit the market later this year. Soho Square currently works on two of Bisleri’s brands namely Bisleri and Vedica.


Samrat Bedi, Head of Office, Soho Square said, “Mr Ramesh Chauhan has pushed us to our limits on this one. Soho teams have input on numerous tasting sessions, packaging, positioning, pricing and even distribution to help give birth to the brand. Communication is just the icing on the cake.”


Mohit Ahuja, Senior Vice President, Soho Square shared, “Since this marks the return of Bisleri into beverages beyond water and soda, the need to really stand out cannot be emphasized enough. We are planning a complete 360 campaign with a stature befitting a new drink coming from the house of Bisleri. We intend to create a splash in the market on a scale seldom seen.


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