Realty Check | Day 8 | Salil Sadanandan: Indian consumers demand a Better Lifestyle

18 Aug,2014

By Salil Sadanandan
Managing Director, Kohler Kitchen and Bath India


It is time to move into that dream house… But take a step back and think about the journey of making the house into your home.


The realty sector is seeing a boom where the choices that we make on a house are really driven by lifestyle desires than ‘needs’. With bling becoming the new subtle, young couples and nuclear families are increasingly looking up for home solutions which add a bit of zing to their home and thus their lifestyle.


With the power of the internet, there has been a rise in the number of online search portals available to answer almost every consumer query. This has not only increased the expertise of buyers but also demands for speciality and customised offerings. With young professionals travelling frequently for work and staying in modern boutique hotels, aspirations to have a similar house tend to increase.


One of the most important and frequently used, yet not-talked-about-much rooms of the house is the ‘bathroom’ or the ‘restroom’ or the ‘powder room’ – as one may prefer to call it. The bathroom is a space that indulges the senses, calms the spirit, and cleanses the mind. Everything in this space contributes to the experience and how a person interacts with it.


As bathrooms continue to evolve, the products installed are also evolving in terms of the design, technology and craftsmanship involved. Products as simple as bath and toilets are employing technology such as chromatherapy, UV cleaning and touch interface. There are also designer products available that are made on special orders, these are hand-made and involve intricate designing.


With increased awareness and access to better technology, advanced products, etc., Indian consumers are demanding a better lifestyle. No longer are consumers seeking basic amenities and a solution for their needs, but they are looking at added benefits, striving to understand the science and technology that form a product and are looking at how the product elevates their standard of living. The bathroom segment is witnessing rising demand from customers for innovative products, designer accessories as well as customized solutions for their bathrooms.These trends project a fabulous growth for the luxury bath industry in the coming years.


Coordinated by Shobhana Nair


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