Realty Check | Day 4 | Honey Katiyal: Getting right advice most critical

11 Aug,2014

By Honey Katiyal
CEO, Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt Ltd


Today, the real estate sector has already transformed from being unorganized to a professional, dynamic and organized sector over the past few years and Investors Clinic has played a significant role in bringing about this change. Investors Clinic acts as strategic advisers to both, real estate developers and buyers. The company’s business model is aligned to become a real estate advisory and portfolio management firms. It’s their business to understand our clients’ financial requirements and go on to serve premier corporate houses in both domestic and international arena. Today, more and more well-educated professionals are joining the real estate bandwagon. Business school graduates who aspire to be entrepreneurs look up to the real estate sector as a worthy option. There is more trust between buyers and builders owing to the professionals.


The real estate sector in India has given a red carpet welcome to a stable government. Realtors and local players expect that the market is now all set to pick up after the polls and with PMO’s declaration of goal to develop at least 100 cities over a period of five years, a high paced double digit growth is expected.  Proposed tax reforms and policy improvements should definitely benefit both buyers and real estate developers. This period, being start to another expected bull run in the sector, is definitely an appropriate time to invest.


Real Estate is one of the few investment vehicles where, factors like the ability to make a downpayment, leveraging your capital etc can increase the overall return on investment. Real Estate provides Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns which makes it a attractive stable market for investment. Accordingly getting the right advice to invest at the right time and on the right option is the most critical aspect faced by the prospective buyer.


The most crucial concern is that the consumers are portrayed as victims by the people having their investments gone bad. This is a one-in-a-hundred scenario where people who invest their stakes with a greedy eye allowing themselves to fall into a the trap of false bank guarantees and fake promises offered. A genuine buyer never invests without doing his/her homework. Consumers are well aware of the risks and speculations associated with each and every investment of such kind.


Hence, here at Investors Clinic we have made it our job to provide consumers the relevant and genuine information with regular updates. Investors Clinic is a one-stop shop which provides latest updates and acts as the real estate advisory service linking the buyers with the developers, thus safeguarding their interests. As per Mr. Honey Katiyal, CEO, Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt Ltd, “This is just a beginning of the kind of advancement we want to bring in the Indian real estate sector. We, at Investors Clinic aim to bring the best options possible to our customers”.


A lot of issues and concerns can be solved if project delays that are often beyond the control of the developer can be put to an end. For instance, there may be a change in policy or genuine shortage in raw material, these things put the developer in jeopardy. Secondly, if only registered, licensed and reputed vendors are allowed to exist and conduct business, many concerns in the industry will be resolved. Government policies need proper implementation across the country. Finally, the buyer and builders should not have to pay heavily for changed policies, and added costs owing to government increasing raw material costs while the projects are under construction. These unjust features if, given proper light to can change the whole framework of the real estate arena.


Coordinated by Shobhana Nair


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