Realty Check | Day 15 | Bhavesh Barot: Need to Buying a New House: Check the Fixtures Inside & not just the Structure Outside

27 Aug,2014

By Bhavesh Barot
India-Business Head, iB Rubinetterie


The property boom has made it difficult for an individual with a modest income to buy a house in Mumbai or in any of the metro cities for that matter. So the question of buying that dream house and make it a dream home by decorating it just evaporates the moment the burden of an EMI starts. Thus, it is very important for every new house buyer to look into every detail inside the house so that they decide to buy besides looking into a builder’s credibility and locality.


People fall for the same fancy jargon used by builders like:

Imported tiles

Modular kitchen – brand of international repute

High-End Designer Fittings & Fixtures

Blah Blah Blah


What they all forget is that these are all a very well-strategized marketing tactic employed by most of the builders.


Reality is bitter and what you get for what you pay besides four walls is even worse.


Imagine you have moved into this house that you just bought in some considerably good locality from an equally good builder. You have spent almost all your savings to make the downpayment and of course more than 70% as a loan for which you start paying EMI which is taking away more than 50% of what you make (in many cases even what your wife makes) every month.


Between all of this, one fine day your fixtures in bathroom that is basin mixer and shower mixer (diverter) break down. You have no clue what brand it is because you never bothered to ask the builder. After research and some prayers you find out what make it is and just if you are lucky it’s not from a neighbouring country. The world calls the people of that country Chinese but I don’t know what we should call them because they have killed almost every industry with their cheap supplies in our country. You make a call to the company of its origin for service or replacement (which is practically not possible unless you have bought it from an online store where you get replacement or moneyback for a 30-day period). They send their technician to have a look and as usual something is broken so you end up paying or worse you are told that the damage is beyond repair and the company won’t provide free replacement for this kind of damage. Now in this case you have already started getting nightmare of going to some shop and spending a king’s ransom to buy a new set of fixtures and definitely the ones that you wouldn’t like in their aesthetic appeal and would surely compromise on its quality. So forget about the ones that you like, especially from Italian designer company which you always dreamt of buying coz that is certainly out of your reach.


In a quest to liquidate their investments and squeeze every drop of revenue, what real estate developers miss out on, is such details like providing quality fixtures for kitchen and especially for the bathroom which has evolved over the years and has become the most important room in any house and these are very fixtures of which life cycle is at least 10 years and customers if nothing will praise the builder for providing good quality interior items. They ignore the fact that by paying just a little premium they can get very handsome bargain from some really reputed brand. Just by cutting down on negligible share in their margins they can provide customers with some very high quality and designer products that everyone is craving for.


What every buyer of new house must look into is not just the clearances received by builder from a million different department but also the products provided inside the house, that they are going to use every single day of their lives. Demand for what you are paying as you are definitely not paying for just the four walls.


Builders and every real estate developer must remember that customers will remember and praise them not just for the beautiful structure that they have built but also what they have provided in inside as that is what customers are going to use in their daily lives and it is these very products that will remain with the customer for the span of 5-10 years.


The decision is yours.


Coordinated by Shobhana Nair


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