Realty Check | Day 13 | Entire real estate ecosystem needs encouragement

25 Aug,2014

By Saurabh Dant

CEO, Sakshi Developers


The real estate sector is a mirror of the way the economy is going. And both the economy and the real estate depend on each other for their respective well-being. Successive governments have realised this and an encouragement of the construction business is a surefire way to boost the economy.


Earlier, the industry was looked at with suspicion, now that has change. What makes the health of the real estate sector very important is that it impacts several industries and hence facets of the economy. In fact there is no other industry which has such a major impact on the economy as real estate!


It’s therefore very vital that the government – both at the Centre, the State and the local levels – provide the right environment for the construction activity. The good thing is that there are several right-thinking individuals in government and they are beginning to realise the importance of this.


The policy framework has to be such that all strata of society are able to look at being able to buy a house. A home should not be a privilege of a chosen few or the rich.


If the policies and guidelines are right, finance will also be available at an attractive price making it possible for people to take loans. As it’s evident, it’s just not just the builders or buyers who need help. The entire ecosystem needs the encouragement from the government and other big players in the business. This is the only way in which the real estate sector, and hence the economy, will look up.


Coordinated by Shobhana Nair


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