Kellogg’s Special K takes ‘No More Excuses’ positioning in latest TVC

14 Aug,2014

By A Correspondent


Kellogg’s Special K has unveiled ‘No More Excuses’ campaign to initiate a movement for women to get rid of their excuses and begin to manage their weight every day. Post the 2 Week Challenge campaign, Kellogg’s Special K brings ‘No More Excuses’ to sustain the momentum of one’s weight management journey.


This campaign has been born out of the insight that today’s woman is constantly trying to fulfill her duties as a wife, daughter, mother or professional.  Kellogg’s Special K aims to inspire these women towards reclaiming their lives. The ‘No More Excuses’ campaign highlights a woman’s weight concerns and inspires her to keep her weight management journey on track through the new-found confidence in herself.


The TVC for this motivational campaign features brand ambassador Deepika Padukone who effectively drives the importance of everyday weight management through the ‘No More Excuses’ theme. Deepika motivates her friends to overcome their excuses and start managing weight by eating breakfast everyday like low fat Kellogg’s Special K. In the TVC, Deepika is unwinding at a salon, along with her friends and plans a summer dress shopping spree. When her friends say that they don’t have the right shape to carry off a dress, she shares her new mantra of ‘No More Excuses’ and inspires them to get on the weight management journey. The film ends with both her friends emerging from the trial room wearing stunning summer dresses, with style and confidence, bringing to life the ‘No More Excuses’ theme.


Throwing light on the insight behind the new campaign, Harpreet Singh Tibb, Marketing Director, Kellogg India stated, “The new campaign is driven from a brilliant insight, which has been cleverly executed through ‘No More Excuses’.  Kellogg’s Special K strives to consistently cater to women’s weight management needs and this campaign addresses a specific need for women to prioritize themselves and give up their excuses.  We are very glad to have initiated an association with Femina and will partner with women to motivate them to start and more importantly, continue their weight management journey and get back to life.”


Nandita Chalam, Vice President & Executive Creative Director of JWT who leads this campaign shared, “After crossing the age of thirty or after marriage, many women give up wearing short dresses, going dancing or doing many other things that they once loved. That’s often because they are no longer confident of their weight and appearance. Yet when it comes to actually doing something about weight management, they have countless excuses for not doing anything. Our new campaign for Kellogg’s Special K says. “No More Excuses. Get back to life.” Deepika Padukone, known for her disciplined approach to fitness, urges her friends to stop making excuses and start making Kellogg’s Special K a part of their breakfast routine. And then she tells them, and all the other women out there, to get back to doing the things they once loved.”


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