Jai Hind and Happy Independence Day! Since you’re closed, we too are!!!

14 Aug,2014

It’s India’s 67th Independence Day tomorrow. It’s the day when we celebrate our freedom from the British rule. A country partitioned, but United. And Free.


So why are we celebrating it with a holiday? Shouldn’t we work that much more on Independence Day? Burn the midnight oil for the sake of all those who fought for our freedom?


We aren’t sure if there’s any country which works on its Independence/National Day.  For most of us with families unaffected by the freedom struggle, I-Day may not mean much. It’s a holiday. Prime Minister’s speech. Sales at the hypermarkets. Family day out (or in). Dry day (except Clubs) but stocked up. Time for a spa. Or just taking a break given the loooong weekend.


Since you are taking a day off (except if you are working in the electronic and digital media or other essential services), we are doing that too. We aren’t happy about it, but then there’s no point producing editorial content for very few readers.


So we’re closed on Friday, August 15 (hence no newsletter and no editorial updates), but our antennae are up and we’ll be tracking news feeds and our mails. If there’s anything urgent, we’ll do an update. Else, we’ll be back on Monday, August 18.


Celebrate responsibly.

Happy Independence Day!!!


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