FCB Ulka campaign for MakeMyTrip’s mobile app

25 Aug,2014

By A Correspondent


Growing beyond just providing voice calls, text messages, games and music, mobile devices have now also become the preferred choice to do online bookings. Though the mobile phone is convenient in many ways yet sometimes it puts us in sticky situations. Bringing on this insight that phone can put you in trouble, FCB Ulka has come up with its new TVC for the MakeMyTrip mobile app.


The commercial aims at empowering the consumers to make instant flights and hotel bookings from anywhere, anytime and redeem themselves when stuck in an awkward situation.


Mohit Gupta, Chief Business & Marketing Officer, MakeMyTrip, said “Mobile is the perfect channel for a travel company to provide real value to the customer and create higher engagement by enabling an easy travel-booking experience. Mobile provides a smoother user experience, increased personalization and allows faster access to relevant information. The film exhibits how MakeMyTrip mobile app provides instant bookings and cancellations of flights and hotels from anywhere.”


The latest TVC is about a husband who is getting ready for taking a trip to Bangkok. His wife asks if the family can join him but he is insistent that it’s an official trip he and cannot take them. In the midst of their conversation they get interrupted by his friend’s call. Since he is busy getting ready he asks his son to put the call on speaker. The friend goes on talking about how efficiently he managed to fool wife into believing that it is an official trip, while in reality they are going to Bangkok to have fun.


The commercial closes with the thought that if a mobile can put you in trouble then it can save you from trouble as well. Panicking, the husband asks for the solution which is the MakeMyTrip mobile app and cancel his current booking and re-book a trip for his entire family instantly.


Commenting on the TVC, Sanjay Tandon – Chief Operating Officer, FCB Ulka said, “Life is really really on the go nowadays. So are travel plans that seize us at a moment’s notice. That is a key role that we are sure makemytrip’s mobile app will fulfil. And we needed to present that in an unexpected burry way.”


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