Creativeland Asia unveils campaign for Cinthol Confidence+

25 Aug,2014

By A Correspondent


Cinthol Confidence+ has unveiled a new campaign for the soap that assures 99.9 per cent germ protection with an ‘insta-deo’ fragrance feature. The campaign has been conceptualized and created by Creativeland Asia.


While the Cinthol Confidence+ kick-started their digital campaign on Independence Day, the television campaign has just been unveiled and is an inspiring video that captures the spirit of young and dynamic India. Be it professionals in the armed forces, health camps, heritage sites or mega infrastructure development sites, they go about their job confidently, undaunted by dust, grime and germs. The campaign puts the young inspiring professionals under the lens of ‘Alive is Awesome’, Cinthol’s brand promise.


Sunil Kataria, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Marketing and SAARC, GCPL shared, “Currently, the health soap market is focused mainly on kids. However, it is not just children, but even youth who need protection as they battle dirt and grime while following their passion. However, current health soaps are incomplete without great sensorials. Cinthol Confidence+ soap, breaks the norm of the regular health soap by offering 99.9 per cent germ protection while being infused with great insta-deo fragrance. Cinthol Confidence+ is a “complete health soap” which perfectly fits the youth expectation, being an aid to their aspirations.”


Sajan Raj Kurup

Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, said, “The communication comes from a simple insight that dirt, crowd and germs are fundamental obstacles that come in the way of every Indian’s journey to success. The campaign idea is symbolic of people’s confidence, which empowers them to go on in their daily lives despite the tough conditions in their external environment. The messaging in the health-soap category is largely restricted to protection from germs. We have gone beyond touching upon this functional need of the product and addressed the attitude with which people fight the on-going battle of dirt, crowd and germs.”


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