Amith Prabhu: The art of Public Relations – it is about practising what we preach

04 Aug,2014

By Amith Prabhu


Last weekend I encountered a unique situation on social media. A suggestion I made on Twitter was misconstrued by the officebearer of the organization in question. Instead of taking it in the right spirit and offering to make amends in the future for the betterment of the profession he started vociferously defending an omission.


My biggest strength is my humility. I unleashed it fully after realising the allegations and counter allegations were going nowhere so I chose to apologise and let go. I not only apologised on Twitter, on text and on email but also made attempts to call the person and also offer to meet in the following week for hardly any fault of mine.


Two quick learnings from the above. As Public Relations professionals we advise clients not to take a spat in public but sometimes we forget this advice we give out so often. But humility and quick thinking are essential ingredients in our profession and I chose to apply these in good measure.


Anyway, all is well that ends well. We met on Friday for lunch and decided to focus on the future and leave behind the past. The purpose of mentioning this incident in this column is because every situation has some learning in it.


How we apply this learning in our personal and professional lives is of paramount importance. Well, on a different note I have begun to believe that PR should no longer stand for Public Relations but the ‘R’ should stand for Reputation. I will write about Public Reputation in the future and try and explore the various facets of this concept.


Public Reputation is about a holistic approach to building, managing and enhancing the reputation of a product or corporate brand. It is bringing in creativity, digital marketing, consumer outreach, media relations and event management under one bouquet to strengthen relationships and offer experiences. Advocacy plays a bog role in all this and Public Reputation is built. As I move to a new philosophy of looking at PR, I would like to sum up what PUBLIC RELATIONS is all about in a way that captures its true essence.


Publicity Campaigns

Unique Stunts

Big Ideas

Leading Communications

Intelligent Conversations

Creative Solutions

Reputation Management

Ethical Approaches

Leveraging Relationships

Agenda Setting

Tactical Support

Igniting Thoughts

Opening Avenues

Nurturing Stakeholders

Supporting Causes


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