Thoughtshop unveils campaign for Quick Heal

14 Jul,2014

Thoughtshop Advertising has unveiled a new campaign for Quick Heal Technologies. Quick Heal Technologies is a leading IT security solutions and an ISO 9001 certified company, which design products to simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms.


With this campaign, Quick heal aims to educate the consumers on how precisely they can avail the benefits promised by the product and can be worry free. There is an audience which is tech savvy and has a knack of figuring the new innovations and offerings, but the larger chunk, which is the actual TG remains left out. With this campaign Quick Heal plays a responsible role in communicating the same to the audience.


Thoughtshop Advertising has created a series of six TVC’s with each TVC promoting a different feature of the product. After zeroing down the pain points considered by common people, the agency made a series of TVC’s highlighting the same. To make it more engaging they have taken protagonists that are easily relatable to the common people.


In the six TVC’s, Quick Heal tries to bring out that they are more than just an anti-virus product.

  • The first TVC features an army man, who highlights that his confidential data has to remain safe at any cost, and therefore he trusts Quick Heal. Here they promote the “Data Theft Protections” feature.
  • The next TVC showcases a young boy who does online shopping without worrying about fraud transactions, as he uses Quick Heal. This TVC promotes “Online Security”.
  • The third TVC shows a fashionista who works tension free as she has the “USB Drive Protection” feature from Quick Heal helping her.
  • The fourth TVC portrays a graphic designer using the “PC Tuner” feature to delete unwanted files.
  • The next TVC shows a mother being tension free as she uses “Parental Control” feature to track her kid’s internet usage.
  • The last TVC in this series showcases an old man doing online transactions with the “Safe Banking” feature of Quick Heal.

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