Soho Square unveils new campaign for Himalaya

18 Jul,2014

The Himalaya Drug Company has unveiled a new TVC for its anti-hair fall shampoo. The new TVC captures a woman’s multiple attempts at addressing hair fall before arriving at a definite solution.


SarfrazRumane, Category Manager, The Himalaya Drug Company said, “Today’s lifestyle has resulted in more women and men experiencing hair fall at a much younger age. This is definitely a growing concern. Given that consumers have access to a great deal of information, there is confusion when it comes to choosing the right product. Himalaya has a strong equity in the problem-solution space, and our product provides an effective solution to hair fall. Through our communication we want to help customers make the right choice.”


The commercial rolls out at a college campus where the protagonist is complimented for her healthy and beautiful hair. She then goes on to narrate her hair fall experience sighting the challenge she faced every time she washed or brushed her hair. The TVC continues with the protagonist narrating how she was influenced by various shampoo advertisements and home remedies. Unsatisfied with several attempts the protagonist also trims her hair with the belief that hair fall may reduce. Finally, when recommended to try Himalaya’s Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, the voiceover highlights the benefits of the product – long and strong hair.


The TVC ends with the protagonist, confidently walking out of her college campus flaunting her long and curly hair. She promises to stop experimenting with her hair and says, “Ab apnebaalokesaath koi galtinahi”.


Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Head – Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said “Hair care category is the one largest personal care category in India growing at 9 per cent and the estimated size of anti-hair fall segment is 1400cr. Himalaya Shampoos enjoy a strong equity in the South with 4.5per cent market share. We have relaunched the whole range of Himalaya Shampoos with an improved formula, and new packaging graphics. This new communication has been developed to support our key variant and build share in the Hair Fall problem segment. The communication is candid and very relatable. Hair Fall happens to be one of the biggest concerns and our product’s USP lies in problem-solution, the new communication helps showcase the effectiveness of our product rather clearly!”


Creative Agency Head, Shenaz Bapooji, Soho Square added, “Consumer research revealed that hair fall is one of the biggest problems for women, and no product today has a ready solution at hand, for it. The message of the film is simple and very true to the Himalaya way of telling consumers to Try Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo first! …because you know it works”.


Created by NativeWorks Productions, the TVC is directed by Shrisha Guha Thakurta, whose past work involves commercials for brands like Aircel, Mia by Tanishq, Britannia, Horlicks to name a few.


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