Sequel to the Beer Shampoo man takes off

24 Jul,2014

Taking its Beer Shampoo proposition further, Publicis has unveiled a new TVC for the brand. The thought process that was followed for Beer shampoo was that while every man is entitled to buy his own manly Beer Shampoo for his own hair, there was a practical barrier. In most cases, the lady of the house reserves the first right to the shopping cart. Hence, it was critical for the brand to encourage the lady of the house to buy into Beer Shampoo.


The communication was developed as a tool to warm up the lady to the needs of her man. It seeks to make the shampoo as essential to her own happiness as it is to her man’s. The communication achieves this by igniting the emotional trigger of every woman wanting her man to be manly, particularly in romantic situations.


Commenting on the new TVC, Raja Chakraborty Head Marketing – J K Helene Curtis Limited said, “The recent Park Avenue Beer Shampoo creative has been conceptualised to generate more trials for the product among those who are aware but having some apprehension or the other to use it. We are sure this creative will put those apprehensions aside and get more trial into the product”.


Bobby Pawar

Bobby Pawar, Director – Chief Creative Officer – South Asia at Publicis Worldwide said, “This is Beer Shampoo Part Do – the sequel. It stars the epitome of manly man-ness, the peak of the pinnacle of male perkiness; Rockland Steel. He became quite a hit with the people in his debut. In this go-around we see the softer side of the man, as he waxes eloquent about what man hair feels like with his own style of poetry, which admittedly veers more towards cheesy than Shakesparean (I doubt if he can spell Shakesparean). Armed with a pan flute that magically transports you from place to place, he drops hair wisdom that is as golden as, well, his outfit.”


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