Phase 2 of ‘Honda is Honda’ takes flight

21 Jul,2014

By A Correspondent


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has released its latest corporate campaign titled ‘Honda is Honda’.


In Phase I, ‘Honda is Honda’ campaign was teased at various social sites and blogs from 14-18 July followed by the TV teaser which was on-air from 15-18th July. Phase II shall see the 360 degree campaign blitzkrieg starting from today across TV, print, radio, outdoor to even cinema. Engaging with his 10 million fans, Honda’s brand ambassador Akshay Kumar too is promoting the campaign through his social page.


The new corporate campaign ‘Honda is Honda’ aims to unambiguously demonstrate that Honda is the partner of choice for Indian two-wheeler customers in pursuit of their dreams. The objective is also to firmly embed Honda’s Wings as the metaphor/symbol of HMSI’s commitment to enable people to achieve the lift they seek.


The film shows an entire town intrigued by a spectacle taking shape high up in the sky. From little girls and boys to elderly men, rural women to global travellers, working professionals to monks, all are seen looking up to the sky. What catches their attention is divers diving out of two planes and hovering over the town.


People are seen peeping out of windows, standing on terraces and coming together to watch the spectacle. One of them is Honda’s brand ambassador Akshay Kumar. The divers finally come together to form the Wing aerially. The spectators are thrilled to see Honda Wing high up in the clouds. As they ride on their respective motorcycle and scooter afterward, they too relate to the same feeling of ‘flying’. Akshay’s voice over at the end says, “Zameen se jab hum paanv uthate hain, pankh apne aap lag jaate hain” (When we take our feet off ground, we get our wings).


YS Guleria, Vice President-Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. said, “‘Honda is Honda’ is not just another campaign but an important one to announce the start of a New Era as ‘Only Honda in Indian two-wheeler industry’; Honda has unleashed Wave 2.0 of its business expansion. As its next move, Honda is strategically reinforcing its solo and empowered identity – the ‘Wings’ as it makes inroads into rural environs. ‘Honda is Honda’ is our most ambitious 360 degree campaign and the first ever launched from the digital platform followed by other media.”


“In the second campaign, we wanted to establish clearly that this ride is not just a ride but a flight. It is interesting that when we ride a motorcycle or a scooter, we lift our feet off ground. When birds fly, they lift their feet off ground. The brand had this incredible symbol, which we hadn’t leveraged. So it all came together in ‘zameen se jab hum paanv uthate hain, pankh apne aap lag jaate hain’ Brand Honda gives an experience no other brand can,” said Titus Upputuru, NCD, Dentsu Marcom.


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