Mediaware unveils TV Market Rates service

24 Jul,2014

For a medium as diverse and fragmented as broadcast, there are a number of questions that get raised regarding ad rates. What are the “going rates” for advertising on a television channel? What were they last month? Can I predict next month’s rates? Moreover, market rates change practically each month, based on a number of factors.


Also, market rates have some elasticity which is used by large, savvy clients to advantage – which is reflected as the minimum rate. And apart from to periodic rate revisions, market rates are affected by major events like Cricket World Cup, General Elections, Assembly Elections, FIFA World Cup, etc.


But despite all the issues and solutions at hand, market rates are a necessity for building plans. And used for benchmarking TV buys.


“To address these industry needs, Mediaware has launched its service for 100+ TV channels as part of its Brandintell Services. Market rates are gathered by a team of independent professionals residing in different cities – who are not linked to any client, agency or channel,” shared K Raghavendra), Director of Mediaware.


“Rates are published on a monthly basis and we have made them available to all media professionals for reference free of cost”, shared Biswajit Das, Managing Director of Mediaware. The same can be accessed by logging in to using the official email id as login.


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