‘Feels that good’, asserts Polo in new TVC

23 Jul,2014

Globally, the Polo has been around and enjoyed for generations. In India too, the much-loved hatchback has been widely accepted in all its variants and editions. Which is why, when it was time to launch the New 2014 Polo, Volkswagen’s campaign had to ensure a similar level of enthusiasm and curiosity. For it was a clear case of ‘the good becoming better’.


The idea for the new TVC was born out of drawing parallels to the few moments in life that feel good. Thus was born the campaign thought of “Feels that good”.Like all Volkswagen TVCs, this one too is endearing and simple, yet entertaining at the same time. Taking forward the thought of “Feels that good”, the film illustrates the story of two brothers. The younger of the two always gets the raw end of the stick, as he ends up with all the ‘hand-me-downs’ from his cooler older sibling. From school books to uniforms to shoes and even bicycles, it’s always second-hand. Ultimately, the story takes a big turn. The younger brother, now all grown up, comes into his own when we see him driving the sparkling New Polo, while his older sibling is still using a nondescript old car.


Sonal Dabral

Commenting on the campaign Sonal Dabral, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “The new refreshed Polo has unique features that deliver a superior driving experience. We used hand-me-downs as a creative device to make the point that driving the new Polo, with these features, makes you feel so good. It uses the tonality of all Volkswagen advertising where the product is at the centre and there is humour woven around it, leaving the viewer with a ‘feel good’ factor.”


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