Everybody wins with Vodafone’s new offer

30 Jul,2014

Ogilvy India has unveiled a new campaign for Vodafone India – a nationwide promotional activity where every customer is assured of a win. ‘Everybody Wins with Vodafone’ campaign was unveiled a few days ago with the objective to drive awareness on the two propositions on the prepaid voice promo offer.


The brief given to Ogilvy was to bring alive the two key propositions of everybody wins and higher recharge – bigger prize so as to establish that Vodafone offers more (extra benefits) for every recharge. The key consideration while delivering the campaign was to ensure a big announcement feel as the shelf life of promotions in low so customer reach has to be ramped up quickly.


In the first television commercial, a boxing match knockout moment is followed by the referee announcing the winner, raising his arm. But the winner repeats the same with someone else and the chain follows all around the spectators until it finally comes back to the losing guy. Thus demonstrating that there are no losers and in fact everybody is a winner. Much like Vodafone recharge, where anyone who recharges is sure to win.


The second TVC explains further how higher amount recharges will get you bigger prizes. It is established over a local weightlifting championship. One contestant lifts weights and is applauded for his feat. Next contender repeats the task, but with a bigger weights. Both of them stand as winners, posing with their respective trophies, showing how a bigger feat has fetched a bigger trophy.


Both the promo propositions are embedded in very simple stories such to drive message delivery. The campaign will be supported with a 360 campaign across mediums like TV, Print, OOH and Digital.


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