DDB Remedy unveils new TVC for Gelusil

01 Jul,2014

DDB Remedy has unveiled a new campaign for Pfizer’s leading product Gelusil. The insight behind the campaign was based on the fact that Indians tend to ignore acidity or rather treat it first with home remedies.


According to findings, it is observed that a large number of people acidity take seriously. They may not even be completely aware of the symptoms. They tend to ignore acidity completely or use home remedies which are not effective. Whereas customers who consume antacids are aware of antacids and consume Gelusil and other competitor brands. Research indicates that many of consumers consume inadequate dosage of Gelusil leading to partial relief. Customers hence need to be educated about the correct dosage of Gelusil.


Through the new communication, the aim was to target consumers who do nothing as well as those who prefer other brands of antacids. Hence, the new communication addresses the problems that ignoring acidity for a long time can lead to and direct the consumer to trust Gelusil for solving his acidity problems.


The key marketing objective was to establish Gelusil as an expert in the acidity domain and ensure growth above category as well as competition in 2013.


The TVC opens on dadi and doctor sitting on a swing with a bride sitting in the middle. The bride seems to be uncomfortable, suffering from acidity right before the pheras! The doctor sneers at the situation, saying that wedding season implies over eating which leads to burping and acidity. Dadi defends the situation saying that wedding season is the season of eating and celebration, and it’s not a sin to enjoy. The bride is getting more and more uncomfortable in the meanwhile. Dadi, now concerned about the bride offers her chilled milk. We see the doctor making faces, aghast at the home remedy offered. The chilled milk seems to have no effect on the bride as her acidity gets worse. The doctor then offers Gelusil to the bride who takes 2 spoons of it. The scene cuts the effect Gelusil has on the stomach, combating acidity while lining the stomach to keep it safe – Gelusil provides long lasting and quick acting relief from acidity. Then the scene moves to dadi and doctor sitting on the swing, while the bride has left after finding relief with Gelusil.


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