DDB Mudra West launches new campaign for Femina

31 Jul,2014

By A Correspondent


DDB Mudra West launched Femina’s new positioning and tagline “Be Unstoppable” through a unique and disruptive marketing approach. First in a series of initiatives, Femina unveiled their new positioning and tagline through a powerful and provocative cover  for their July issue titled ‘My Body, My Rules’, with cover girl Huma Qureshi.


The objective was to engage with the millennial woman of today while driving connect with brand Femina.


The creative process followed was to choose a unique and disruptive marketing approach by creating interventions that bring alive the ‘Unstoppable Mantra’ and drive engagement. The cover which is the brand’s most valuable space was used as a platform to communicate “Be Unstoppable”.


The first issue ‘My Body, My Rules’ exemplified the brand positioning, saluting women who’ve chosen to go beyond conventions and refuse to be boxed into someone else’s definition of perfection. Using a striking visual of Huma Qureshi juxtaposed with the ‘ideal’ body form of a mannequin the issue makes a powerful point about body image. The issue campaign encouraged women to embrace their bodies – perfections and imperfections alike.


A differentiated approach to traditional brand campaigns, Femina intends to roll out a series of interventions throughout the year to bring alive its ‘unstoppable’ message.


Going forward, Femina will also be playing up the brand thought of ‘Be Unstoppable’ through a thematic campaign across Print and Digital mediums as well as B2B ads. The thematic campaign brings alive the brands unstoppable mantra as poster ads for the new woman of today. The ads cover a range of topics like career, relationships, beauty, fashion etc.


Tarun Rai

Elaborating on how Femina has changed the game in the last five decades, Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media says, “Over the last five decades Femina itself has been unstoppable. It has always been progressive, always championed the modern Indian woman, always inspired her to achieve more and celebrated her successes. And Femina has succeeded and grown in stature because it has continuously changed itself and stayed relevant to its readers. In a sense Femina epitomises the journey of the modern Indian woman in the last five decades. Our new tag line – Be Unstoppable – captures Femina’s belief that modern Indian women have the confidence today to live their lives on their terms and achieve more.”


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