Croma Home Stories survey unveiled

24 Jul,2014

By A Correspondent


The Croma Home Stories survey has revealed that nearly 50 per cent of Indians adorn their fridge doors with magnets, with 15 per cent of them adding holiday snaps and souvenirs, the same percentage of 15 per cent appending ‘To Do’ lists, and 13 per cent sticking their weekly shopping lists to this particular piece of kitchen furniture.


According to Ajit Joshi, MD & CEO, Infiniti Retail Ltd, “Fridge door adornment serves a vital purpose within modern families; not merely to prevent them from forgetting what to buy or when to collect the dry cleaning, but of holidays, trips, vacations and other family moments for which the fridge door can provide a constant – and very visible – reminder.”


Croma Home Stories, in its second leg, further reveals the practice of ‘Fridge Door Adornment’ and the increasingly personal insights they provide about the households, their memories, habits, lifestyles, concerns and their future dreams too.


Other insights from the survey include the fact that women are the principal protagonists when it comes to Fridge Door Adornment with 62 per cent admitting to decorating their fridge doors with magnets compared to just 36 per cent of their male counterparts, while men lead the way with more practical types of adornment including shopping lists, ‘To Do’ lists, bills and bank statements.


The survey noted that while Fridge Adornment is actively being practiced across generations in India, the younger age group pays decidedly less attention to what’s actually inside; 37 per cent of under 25 year-olds have no idea compared to just 19 per cent of those aged over 35 years. Clearly, the survey findings indicate that for Indian millennials, it really is about what’s on the outside.


Conducted in June 2014, Croma Home Stories research is a light-hearted look at Indian households, the gadgets and devices they use and what they reveal about them. Commissioned and executed by Croma, the research is based on online study and the responses of 1,029 Indians, including Croma customers and followers of the brand on social media channels.


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