BudgetSpeak #15: Arun Firodia: Need to lay down a roadmap for next five years

09 Jul,2014

By Arun Firodia


The forthcoming Budget should lay down a roadmap for next five years (if not for next 10 years). The main priorities before the government are reducing food inflation, job creation, energy security, defence and infrastructure. For this purpose :


a) The government should release food grains into market. The government should amend APMC Act and encourage farmers to sell directly to citizens.


b) The government should move towards self-regulation by industries, exempt small industries from Factories Act, relax labour laws and encourage FDI in labour intensive good manufacturing


c) The government should encourage investment in Solar Photovoltaic Electricity and Nuclear Energy to take advantage of great sunshine in India and abundant availability of Thorium


d) The government should establish a strong Navy and locate nuclear powered submarines fitted with guided missiles at strategic places so that no nation dares to attack us and


e) The government should invite huge investment in railways, road and ports. That should be financed by an instrument like ‘Indira Vikas Patra’ where no question would be asked about the source of money but 30% to 40% would be deducted while selling IVP. This would bring all the black money into circulation and that too for the cause of national building.


I look forward to the new Budget with great expectation.


Arun Firodia is Chairman, Kinetic Group




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